Your guide to the future of motoring starts here

78 Electrification

Why the electron, not petrol, is the future of propulsion

84 Autonomy

Your next car will drive itself.

Embrace it.

90 Infrastructure

How our roads and cities are poised to change for the better

94 Whatís next

The minds that decide what happens after the revolution


As the pace of automotive change inexorably accelerates, logic would dictate that our ability to predict the future would occupy ever shorter horizons. Instead the opposite is true. Weíre more certain of what motoring will look like in thirty years than weíve ever been before. The autonomous electric pod is an endpoint thatís long been a goal of many industry visionaries. Itís accepted as an inevitability, but is that really the case?

If thereís one truth regarding disruptive technologies, such as driverless vehicles or electricity as a power source, itís that they are just as prone to being disrupted as the status quo they usurped.

Yet that is the future to which billions of dollars are being invested, with traditional car companies scrapping in a new gold rush of tech acquisitions and vertical integrations. So how far away is a future where weíll ride in driverless cars like this Mercedes F 015? What are the impediments that stand in the way of achieving this end and, most importantly, is this where we should even be going?

This special report on the future of driving asks the tough questions and some of the answers make for uncomfortable reading. Others indicate that passion, beauty and excitement arenít about to be ironed out of future driving. Hereís the road map for the next three decades.