Top 5 fastest

1FERRARI 812 SUPERFAST 2LAMBORGHINI SUPERFAST 355km/h-plus Takes the title as the fastest car available to buy in Oz with an V-max of beyond 355km/h and, with 588kW, a second title as most powerful naturally aspirated production car. 2LAMBORGHINI 1FERRARI 2LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR S 3 2LAMBORGHINI 354km/h Has the same 6.5-litre atmo V12 engine configuration as the Ferrari but manages a mere 544kW, fed to all four wheels, and cloaked in a body built for Satan.

2LAMBORGHINI 3FERRARI GTC4LUSSO V12 4McLAREN 2LAMBORGHINI 345km/h Not only is the GTC4Lusso the thirdfastest road machine in Australia, itís also the fastest that can accommodate four people, has AWD, and a decent boot for those trips to the snow.

3 4McLAREN 720S 341km/h Takes a new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 and pumps 530kW to the back wheels for blistering speed and acceleration. At $489,900, itís also the most Ďaffordableí of our top five.

4McLAREN BENTLEY CONTINENTAL SUPERSPORTS CONTINENTAL 336km/h Sends the current generation Bentley coupe out with a bang, wringing 522kW from its unorthodox W12 twin-turbo engine. Also available as a convertible.