McLaren Gandys MCL33 Halo Edition thongs $39.00

Not only are these official McLaren thongs an excellent parody of Formula 1ís controversial Ďhaloí safety device, but they do so in the name of charity. Forty bucks might seem a bit steep for a humble pair of Japanese safety boots, but 100 percent of profits from these McLaren orange beauties goes straight to Gandys Foundation, meaning your naked tootsies will be helping kids find safe shelter around the world. No, this is not the April edition, before you check.

McLaren Gandys MCL33 Halo Edition thongs $39.00

Oil. Put it in your engine and hopefully everything will stay nice and slippery and happy. Itís difficult to get excited about the stuff, though, unless itís the sort that gets rubbed into your back on a beach in Bali. But Castrol has now launched its Bio-Synthetic range that will make you a little greener, not browner. Formulated using 25 percent plant oil, the newest addition to the Magnatec range is less dependent on fossil reserves and is even carbon neutral. Not recommended for salads or tanning.

Castrol Magnatec Bio-Synthetic $55.99

If youíve ever driven a BMW Ď02í you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Full throttle in the iconic Turbo resulted in about 30 minutes of lag, followed by a nanosecond of boost which preceded a decent engine explosion if you didnít lift in time. The 2002 tii was worse, with its Pierburg injection system ensuring the engine didnít run more often than it did. And yet ... you just canít help but love the sports sedan that fathered the 3 Series and all of its wondrous variants. Salute the magic model with this cool T.

BMW 2002 T-shirt $36.50

We love vintage motoring gear but nt m sourcing it often meant running the gauntlet of musty op-shops and fighting hairy hipsters for all the good stuff, until now. Partnering with Honda, ice-cool label Forever 21 has created this range of retro apparel that offers the colourful and iconic Honda designs of the 1980s and 1990s without having to fork out extortionate prices for something that has already been worn by 15 other people.

Forever 21 Honda Racing collection from $16.50