Hooray Huayra

This month’s prize for Australia’smost exclusive most exclusive and expensive car go s t r goes to the psychotic but u de c but unden abeniably wonderful Pagani Huay ayra i Hua Roadster, which isch is tech chn hnicall lly now on sale Down Under. Melbourne’s Zagame agame Automotive has s exclusivclusive rights to distribution o ution of the of the Italian brand, but at $5.5 t at $5.5m, and with global produc roduct ction limited to just 100 per year, er year not many are expected to ected d appear locally. If you are luckycky are u a enough to snap up a Huayra a H Hua ra Roadster, you’ll be the proud he pr owner of a 570kW 6.0-litre 0-li re turbo V12 supercar capable ofp ble of 0-100km/h in 2.9sec.