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8 Ayrton Senna still holds the record for most consecutive pole positions, notching eight in a row between, the IS BB Spanish and the mass us Grand. prix, uhis also joint second with seven and joint third with six. Keep at it, Lewis,


That’s how much of the good stuff you can get in your next holiday rental. From summer in the northern hemisphere, Sixt will be slotting 20 supercharged Mustang Shelby GT-Ss into its fleet of US econoboxes at selected Southern Florida, Southern California and Las Vegas hire outlets. Go git ’em!


Nissan has announced that the aged 37BZ Roadslerwiii Pe.shuff led.But to ret lrferrtefit next year, in the US market at least, Introduced in 2BB9,the 3.7-litre drop-top will soldier on in Australia for the time Peing. Work is already Hinder way on the next-gen Z-caF, with designer Alfonso Albaisa confirming to Wheels last year that Fie was working on the project "You can imagine; I’m completely excited that I am in the position to work on that," pssaid.

40 years of Astra

Although the first Aussie-market Astras arrived in 1984, the nameplate is celebrating its 40th year, the original Vauxhall Astras (rebadged Opel Kadett Ds rather than our rebadged Nissan Pulsars) debuting in 1979. Now in its seventh-generation BK/BL guise, the Astra nameplate has some way to go to better the Honda Civic (47 years), the Toyota Corolla (53 years) or, come to that, the Chevrolet Suburban (84 years) for longevity.

“We’ ve got a prime minister spending his time in the motor pages. That’ super”

Coming up short

Bill Shorten’s sarcastic comeback when it’s apparent that he has no clue how much electric cars cost.