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The number of hairpin bends negotiated in 12 hours by an NA Mazda MX-5 on the Kaunertal Glacier Road in Austria. A team of drivers managed to break this brilliantly obscure record – which previously stood at 1500 bends – as part of the MX-5’s 30th birthday celebrations. In typically Germanic fashion, the German Record Institute installed GPS sensors all the way up the road and decided that to qualify, a valid hairpin bend must measure between 150 and 180 degrees.


The BMW Ponceot 4:at Frankfurt accounted for no.shortage of column inches. Unfortunately, commentators were almost entirely unanimous in how horrific its vast front grille was. In the interests ef Journalistic balance, we offer you something that: has rarely seen the light of day - the quits-magnificent rear end of the concept car, It's not too late, BMW.


Hyundai has pumped more than $8m into car sharing platform Car Next Door. “This capability has been pre-installed and seamlessly integrated into Hyundai cars, making it easy for Hyundai owners to earn extra money from their car,” said HMC Australia CEO, JW Lee. "Other features include access and ability to unlock and start the car via a mobile phone app– ultimately negating the need for traditional keys.” Any Hyundai with Auto Link Premium can now be shared with a network of 150,000 car borrowers

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts...

Clueless criminals in Athens have used a classic 1966 Mustang as a ram-raid vehicle, getting away with a haul of three Sony PlayStations. The stolen vehicle, a Shelby replica valued at ¤80,000 (A$130,000), was heavily damaged while demolishing the roller shutter of a Media Mart at 4am. The PlayStations that were plundered retail for ¤400 apiece.

Clutch kick

“A manual, for me, is just daft”

Nick Rogers, Executive Director for Product Engineering at Land Rover, isn’t keen on ever seeing three pedals and a stick in the new Defender.