Coming attractions

The new metal we’re driving next issue


Here’s the pressing question: now that all 911 Carrera variants are powered by versions of a twin-turbo flat-six, does the flagship Turbo S still hold that elevated, legendary status? We’ll attempt to answer that next month after we spank this 480kW/800Nm AWD bad boy into submission around Laguna Seca raceway. Yep, dirty job, and all that...


No surprises here with powertrains nor interior design – just refer to the A-Class. But the significance of the GLA is that it’s no longer a jacked-up hatch; more a true junior SUV. Those who favour a high driving position will find themselves a lofty 104mm over those poor lowlifes in their A-class hatches and sedans. We’ll crank up U2’s ‘Elevation’ as we drive next month.

3 BMW X5 M

What a relief to learn us Aussies won’t be distracted by the regular X5 M, with its piffling 441kW from the twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8. Instead we’ll get only the Competition variant, burping out a should-be-adequate 460KW and 750Nm.

Speaking of adequate, the 0-100km/h claim is 3.8sec, so no excuses for being dusted in the school-drop-off GP.