Coming attractions

The new metal we’re driving next issue


Given the thing we like least about the otherwise excellent Subie is its slightly thrashy atmo flat-four, we hold high hopes for the potentially transformative qualities of the Hybrid. If it does what it promises – provides a crucial torque-fill to the step-off acceleration phase, as well as quelling the petrol car’s thirst – we’ll be dancin’ in the streets. Okay, maybe giving a polite little golf clap.


You know the CX-8? Yep, the one that’s like a slimline CX-9 with a diesel engine? Well it’s been updated. The three-row SUV now gets a petrol option (the 140kW atmo 2.5-litre) and the range blows out from three trim levels to no fewer than eight, with added convenience features throughout. What’s more, the entry-level Sport trim level will bring pricing below $40K. Sweet.


Ford is building a nice portfolio of performance products, with the box-fresh Focus ST and Fiesta ST joining the local line-up next month. The two hatches flesh out a high-po range already filled by Mustang and Ranger Raptor, with the Fiesta the most affordable of the lot. Priced from $31,990, the fivedoor only Fiesta ST packs 147kW/290Nm and promises to deliver plenty of giggles.