Black back catalogue


From humble(ish) beginnings, the mad boffins inside AMG quickly escalated things to establish Black Series as the ultimate from Affalterbach

SLK 55 Black

Genesis in 2006. M113 5.4-litre V8 beefed up to 294kW/520Nm and 45kg of weight culled

CLK 63 Black

Arrived just a year later. Only 500 made. 373kW/630Nm from the M156 6.2-litre V8

SL 65 Black

Twin-turbo V12 power, 494kW/1000Nm and a whopping 250kg less. Notoriously hard-edged

C63 Black

Only 650 planned, but sales success meant 800 actually made. M156 V8 tuned to 380kW/620Nm

SLS Black

Most in-depth Black yet. Pursuit of performance was absolute, even lowering gearbox 10mm for CoG