E VERY YEAR it seems to happen quicker than the flip of a coin. One day Iím enjoying the summer sun, using the BBQ as much as possible when, all of a sudden, the days become shorter and the temperature drastically plummets, quicker than my attention span when Inwood speaks. Thanks Mother Nature.

Needless to say I was a bit shocked when I recently ventured out one evening and was greeted by conditions best described as Arctic. Sitting in the driverís seat cursing the change of†seasons, the V60 revealed a trick that I was completely oblivious to. When the ambient temperature dips below ten degrees, the heated seat and steering wheel automatically activate when the engine is started. A nice toasty feeling descended on me before I knew it. Joy.†

Surprisingly, this feature isnít too common among other manufacturers.†Volvoís level of ingenuity shines through again.

Something else that has been surprising is the fuel usage. The V60ís claimed figure is 6.6L/100km but Iíve never come anywhere near that.†Generally, my consumption hovers in the 11L bracket.

A trip to Adelaide was going to be my litmus test to monitor the Volvoís usage over long-hauls, but that had to be canned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stupid bats.

While Iím not completely leadfooted, the usual start-stop driving in local neighbourhoods and rushing around dropping off kids then dashing to work, arenít conducive to patient throttle use. The V60ís hefty 1797kg kerb weight doesnít help either, but considering that entails the all-wheel-drive system, Iím not going to complain. If fuel economy was a huge priority, Iíd prefer to pay the premium for the hybrid T8 V60 with its 2.1L claimed fuel usage. Another option is the cheaper (but still brilliant)

Peugeot 508 Sportwagon with its thriftier 1.6-litre turbo proven to drink less than the V60.

My tenure with the V60 will soon be coming to an end but before I hand the keys back a long drive is on the cards. If weather permits I might grab a mate, throw some bicycles in the back and head into the hills to punish myself for getting iso-fat. Be warned; next monthís report could be grisly.




Price as tested: $72,390†

This month: 437km @ 11.7/100km


The V60ís sunroof is criminally underĖused leaving me wondering if itís something I would go for. It can be optioned individually, but in this car itís part of the Lifestyle pack, which also bundles tinted rear windows and the amazing 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound system Ė both of which I think are essentials. Iíd also tick the box for the optional CD player. Hello, questionable í90s CD collection!